Wildfire Training and Consultancy

The aim of WildfireTaC is to protect natural resources, homes and lives through wildfire mitigation at the landscape, community and property level. This will be achieved via training and advice to Land Managers, Local Government and Home Owners based on 35 years firefighting and research experience in the field.

Welcome to WildfireTaC

I have been working in the fields of Wildfire, GIS and Countryside Management for over 35 years. I have travelled around the world gaining experience, knowledge and skills. I am keen to use this knowledge to help protect our natural resources and homes. Let me help you with Wildfire Mitigation and Response planning.

I can provide consultancy as well as hands on training and practical support. Post incident I can help survey the damage and record the extent of the fire with fieldwork and GIS services. I would like to work with you to help you prepare, respond and recover from wildfire threats and incidents.

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Please contact WildfireTaC today for an honest assessment of your needs and a quotation to undertake any of these services.